Name : Pinus schwerinii 'Wiethorst'

Zone : 4

Category : Evergreens

Description : Loads of long, super-fine, two-color needles produce an airy, delicate quality, while a profusion of handsome, resinous cones adds to the presence of this large, graceful pine. Discovered in Germany as a witch's broom on Pinus x schwerinii, a pine hybrid combining strobus and wallichiana, it gets hardiness from the Eastern White Pine and grace and extremely long needles from the Himalayan White Pine. The outstanding, hardy tree will form a dramatic background or add an outstanding accent to the large landscape.
Habit : Broad/UprightHeight : 1.5mWidth : 1m
Price : $230.00 10 Gallon (R18)$450.00 20 Gallon (R18)
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