Name : Picea abies 'Wingle's Weeper'

Zone : 3

Category : Evergreens

Description : An extremely pendulous selection of Norway spruce. If not staked, it will lay flat on the ground becoming a ground cover. With age, it will develop a terminal leader becoming an irregular upright weeping tree. Needles are very short and tight, blue-green in colour. This plant makes a handsome specimen if staked to about 8 feet (2.6 m) vertical and then allowed to weep on itís own after reaching that height and it will form ground cover skirt. Size estimates are frivolous with this plant. Just be aware that the terminal branches may grow a foot (30 cm) or more per year.
Habit : WeepingHeight : VariableWidth : 3m
Price : $55.00 2 Gallon (R19)$105.00 10 Gallon (R19)$195.00 10 Gallon (R19)
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