Name : Picea abies 'Fat Cat'

Zone : 3

Category : Evergreens

Description : Picea abies ‘Fat Cat’ has very short, stiff needles and short shoots that give it the appearance of a rotund, green cat, curled up in a ball for a snooze. Iseli Nursery acquired the plant, a witch’s broom from Picea abies ‘Graciosa’, in 1994 and officially named it for a tubby, slumbering feline. Extremely hardy, reliable and slow-growing, this kitty creates a presence in the landscape, but don’t try to pet its “fur”.
Habit : Globe ShapedHeight : 1.2mWidth : 1.2m
Price : $79.99 5 Gallon (R19)$135.00 10 Gallon (R19)
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